Expertise, Straight from the Source


We will work with you to find a custom-tailored and flexible set of services that best meets your needs at every stage of your design and development process.

Training Courses and Workshops

We offer classroom-style training courses in GStreamer, multimedia basics, media streaming, cross-platform deployment and related areas, presented by GStreamer experts and delivered either on-site or remotely.

This can be useful to get your team up and running faster whilst avoiding common pitfalls from the start, or to solidify their existing knowledge and supplement experience with deeper theoretical understanding. All training courses can be tailored to your specific needs.

Less formal workshops provide an opportunity to look at your existing setup, code and designs; to debug problems directly in your environment; or simply to interact with your team and discuss challenges face-to-face or bounce ideas off each other.

Software Design and Architecture

We will transform your ideas into designs and come up with a robust and extensible software architecture, devising the most suitable technical solutions for your problems including the pros, cons and risks of each suggested approach. In short, we provide suggestions how to best implement your ideas.

Rust Porting and Development

The Rust programming language is quickly emerging as the new industry standard for systems programming, providing a high productivity toolchain to empower people to develop secure and reliable software covering the whole stack from microcontrollers, kernels and embedded use cases to servers, middleware, libraries and applications.

Having been pioneered by Mozilla, Rust is now being adopted not just by major industry players such as Amazon, Google, Meta, and Microsoft, but also Open Source Software communities such as GStreamer where Centricular has been spearheading Rust adoption with the GStreamer Rust bindings and GStreamer Rust plugins components.

We love Rust not just for its safety, performance and reliability, but also its community and ecosystem, and the high productivity development process it enables. We like to develop new applications, libraries and GStreamer plugins in Rust wherever possible.

If you like Rust as much as we do, we can help you rewrite existing applications or plugins in Rust, or develop new Rust applications, plugins or components related to our areas of expertise.

Software Development, Optimisation and Maintenance

We can help with anything from bug-fixing, to the addition of new features to applications, servers or libraries, to development from the ground up. This also includes performance, memory usage, and latency optimisations, as well as maintenance as-needed or on an ongoing basis. We can work on-site or off-site. We can work independently, managing and delivering projects to your schedule, or work embedded into your team under your direct supervision.

You can also sponsor us to do general maintenance in areas that are of particular interest to you, so we can find and fix bugs and other issues already before they affect you.

Help and Support

We can provide your team with fast and reliable expert advice on an ongoing basis as needed. Whether it's by answering questions, pointing to the right piece of code or documentation, helping with debugging, or fixing the occasional urgent blocker issue, we can help make your team more productive.

Feasibility Studies

We can help you determine whether a framework, library or technology you are considering to use for a project is right for you and your chosen target platforms. Is it up to the task? What problems should you expect? Where are the risks? What might be possible alternatives?

Standards Compliance and Certification

We also provide assistance towards achieving standards compliance such as for DLNA or DivX certification.

Need something else?

Please get in touch and let us know how we can help. The above is not an exhaustive list, and we are very flexible and will be happy to work with you in a number of different ways.