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Free and Open Source Software runs in our veins, it is what we do. We believe in it as a methodology, yielding better technical outcomes in the long term, but also because it empowers individuals, companies and other organizations. It opens possibilities and creates an environment of mutually beneficial co-operation.

We also recognize, however, that like all software Free and Open Source Software is far from perfect. We strive to improve, deploy, support, work with and create new Free and Open Source Software by providing consulting services to other companies, organisations and individuals. To support you in using it, help you overcome obstacles, and assist with contributing to the community to close the circle.

Why us?

We are passionate about Free and Open Source Software. We care: we want our software to work well for you, and if that is not the case, we will take it personally and want to fix it. We are long-standing and well-connected members of the Free Software community and are active contributors outside of work as well. With us, you get a real expert every time, and you get to talk to them quickly and directly.

Having done professional Open Source consulting for many years, we know how to plan, execute and deliver projects of different scopes and how to work with companies of all sizes. We are also happy to consider urgent requests at short notice if needed.


  • mug shot Jan

    Jan Schmidt

    Graphics, Multimedia and Hardware Specialist · Director

Jan studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Newcastle Australia and has nearly 30 years experience in software development. He specialises in embedded and distributed software system design and implementation. More »

He is a GStreamer maintainer and primary author of DVD playback support, but has touched most areas of GStreamer at some point. In the past he worked for companies including Canon, Fluendo, Sun Microsystems and Oracle. Among other things, he has done research for new laser printer engines, implemented multimedia redirection for thin clients, written video and audio encoders and decoders and been a web developer.

He lives near Albury, Australia along with a menagerie and in his spare time builds 3D printers, robots and home automation systems.

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  • mug shot Sebastian

    Sebastian Dröge

    Multimedia and Cross-platform Development Specialist · Director

Sebastian is one of the core GStreamer developers. He has considerable experience with cross-platform development (Linux/Android/Windows/macOS/iOS), embedded systems, network protocols and services, media formats, codecs, signal processing and is fluent in many programming languages. More »

Sebastian has worked with many companies from large to small, doing everything from software development to designing software architectures and leading teams. He has a master's degree in computer sciences and is active in various Free Software communities outside GStreamer too.

He is based in Thessaloniki in Greece, originally coming from near Hanover in Germany.

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  • mug shot Tim

    Tim-Philipp Müller

    Multimedia, Embedded Linux and Integration Specialist · Director

Tim is a GStreamer core developer, maintainer and release manager. He has been developing free software for almost 25 years, and has extensive experience designing, developing, maintaining and integrating multimedia and application software solutions for phones, tablets, medical devices, cars, planes, TVs and set-top boxes, on Embedded Linux as well as on the desktop. More »

He also likes to play with distributed network protocols and applications. He holds an Honours degree from the University of York and a Master's degree from the University of Wales Aberystwyth. Tim has worked for Fluendo and Collabora and was a co-founder and director of Collabora Multimedia. He has been a GNOME contributor for almost ten years and a GNOME Foundation member for more than five years.

Tim is based in Bristol in the UK.

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  • mug shot Nirbheek

    Nirbheek Chauhan

    Multimedia Hacker and Systems Generalist

Nirbheek has been contributing to FOSS projects such as Gentoo, GNOME, and Freedesktop since 2007 and has a wide breadth of knowledge about the Linux ecosystem. He has worked with all levels of the software stack ranging from the kernel (btrfs, cgroups), low-level userspace (systemd), middleware (GLib, libsoup, SQLite, etc), and build systems (Autotools, Meson), to multimedia (GStreamer), graphics (GTK+, Qt), and more. More »

Nirbheek also has moderate expertise in web technologies; HTML5, CSS, SVG, JavaScript, and on the server-side with Python-based frameworks.

Besides all this, he tries to pay close attention to design and simplicity, which he believes are critical to good engineering. Nirbheek has worked for Collabora in the past, was a Gentoo developer for five years, has been a GNOME contributor since 2006, and a GNOME Foundation member since 2011.

Nirbheek mostly lives in Bangalore, India.

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  • mug shot Edward

    Edward Hervey

    Multimedia and Systems Architect

Edward is a core GStreamer developer, specializing in fields including editing, broadcasting, and core components. He has been contributing to Free Software for almost 15 years, starting with the Pitivi video editing project and then branching out to many peripheral projects. More »

With his extensive knowledge of multimedia and network technologies, Edward thrives in helping companies make the best out of Free Software. He does that by helping design and/or review large and small architectures, provide training on key technologies, or develop and improve software components.

He has worked for several companies in the past, including Fluendo and Collabora. Edward was a director and co-founder of Collabora Multimedia. When he is not tackling the slopes across the Alps, attending music festivals or playing the bass in a band, Edward lives in Montpellier, France.

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  • Photo Matthew

    Matthew Waters

    Multimedia and Graphics Developer

Matthew Waters studied Computer Science at the University of New England and has considerable experience designing, developing and testing network protocols, embedded devices, media formats, and accelerated 3D graphics across a multitude of platforms. More »

He is a GStreamer maintainer and has worked extensively on OpenGL, Vulkan and integration with numerous decoding, encoding, and rendering libraries, and applications. He also has experience developing and testing WebRTC solutions.

Matthew lives in Newcastle, Australia

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  • Photo Mathieu

    Mathieu Duponchelle

    Multimedia hacker and general purpose programmer

Mathieu is a developer specializing in multimedia. He has contributed to many GStreamer components, and helps maintain the pitivi video editor and GStreamer Editing Services (GES) library. He studied Computer Science at Epitech, where he obtained a Master degree. More »

He worked for Collabora in the past, where he gained experience designing and improving GStreamer-based multimedia solutions, such as a broadcasting tool with live editing capabilities, or a GStreamer adapter for the GENIVI automotive framework.

He has co-designed the base class for N-to-1 elements in GStreamer, GstAggregator, and as such has a great deal of experience with video compositing and audio mixing in GStreamer.

He lives in France, where he likes flying drones, trying to play football without making a fool of himself, and developing a markdown-based documentation system, hotdoc.

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  • Photo Seungha

    Seungha Yang

    Multimedia hacker and a big fan of Windows OS

Seungha Yang majored in Electrical and Computer Engineering during his bachelor and master courses at Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) in South Korea, receiving his master’s degree in early 2015. More »

He has industrial experience in GStreamer-based media playback - from embedded devices to large-scale server-side streaming services, and including transcoding for streaming protocols such as MPEG-DASH, HLS, and RTMP. He has previously worked for LG and Navercorp.

Seungha has been contributing to various area of GStreamer since 2016. He initiated and has been the primary contributor to the Direct3D 11 and DXVA implementation on GStreamer for Windows. His interests also include various hardware codec implementations such as the Nvidia codec (a.k.a NVCODEC) and Intel Media SDK. His hobby is finding new and interesting challenges to hack on in GStreamer

Seungha lives near Seoul in South Korea.

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  • Photo Jordan

    Jordan Petridis

    QA and Multimedia Engineer

Jordan is a QA and Multimedia engineer at Centricular, part of the GNOME release team and can't stop talking about Rust and Flatpak. More »

He lives in Athens, Greece.

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  • Photo François

    François Laignel

    Multimedia Oxidizer

François spent 20 years developing and managing development teams for projects ranging from smartcard interfaces to country-scale government systems. In 2017, he decided to invest his time in open source software and started contributing to the Rust ecosystem, in particular to the GStreamer Rust bindings, which he now uses to develop multimedia related applications. More »

François lives near Nantes, in France, where he enjoys playing guitar and taking walks in the Loire river surroundings.

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  • Photo Amy


    Upstreamer and Compiler Breaker

Amy is a software engineer coming from Argentina. At Centricular, Amy helps develop and maintain the Meson ports of various multimedia libraries as well as Cerbero and GStreamer. More »

They started contributing to open source in 2016 as part of their BSc final project. Amy holds a MSc (Hons) in Computer Science (Computer Graphics) from the Universidad Nacional del Sur in Bahía Blanca, Argentina, and has been a two-time participant in Google Summer of Code. Amy's interests intersect color theory, realtime and offline graphics, codecs and SIMD. However, they've become too good at breaking compilers by just looking. Amy lives with their family and two dogs in Southern Argentina.

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